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Transforming Business Website towards Social Media Friendly

Transforming Business Website towards Social Media Friendly

The benefits of social media and social networking as a form of marketing cannot be hailed enough. With today’s increases in technology, there is no faster way to reach a large number of customers on a more personal basis than through the use of social media sites. Since the launch of Twitter, one of the most popular social media sites for business, it is estimated that Dell computers have sold over 2 million dollars worth of computers and laptops directly from the company’s Twitter feed. Followers and relationship building through social media translate into sales and increases in revenue for those businesses who know how to utilize these resources effectively.

Strategic Insights

Many companies are now even hiring full time social media coordinators to communicate with their followers and post updates and comments to their social networking feeds. However, one thing is for certain, social media would not be effective if it weren’t for friends, fans, and followers who are interested in the posts, updates, and feeds of these companies. One excellent way to increase your followers, spread the word about your business, and get others interested in your website is to incorporate all of your social media accounts into your website.

Many design sites out there have a number of embeddable codes that allow you to display icons that link directly to your Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace accounts, as well as a number of other social media sites as well. Sites like share this and add this also have some really useful embeddable icons that can help to not only add friends and followers to your social media sites, but also help you with social media sharing through social bookmarking.
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Social bookmarking is another form of social media that is tremendously beneficial for any business website. When you write content or an article on your site that is interesting to others, they can tweet about it or bookmark it on popular social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon or Digg to spread the word to their friends. This can immensely help drive even more traffic to your site and also help to improve your site’s search engine rankings, which then becomes an eternally evolving method of generating traffic and increasing revenue and sales.

In addition, Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups are also great ways to spread the word and reach a large number of people about your business or products. It can also be beneficial for generating feedback and hosting group conversations about what your company does and what other people feel is important about it. While many of these tasks can be done easily by yourself, there are times when hiring a social media consultant can be beneficial for helping you to achieve the desired results from your social media campaigns, particularly if you are less technologically inclined or want to launch a large campaign to get things off the ground quickly.

One thing is for sure, social media is one aspect of business, marketing, and social interaction that is here to stay, and experts estimate that the next 20-30 years of business will be dominated by the internet and the opportunities that social media creates.