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Relationship Between E-Commerce And E-Business

Relationship Between E-Commerce And E-Business

To improve productivity as well as profitability in business, e-business is the most valuable tool used in the present day. Any business which makes use of computer and related electronic devices is known as electronic business. This type of business mainly utilize internet as a communication network and proved to be most cost effective for any type of business.

Strategic Insights

All other traditional business features can be handled well by e-business other than buying and selling. Online chatting provides the best example for such to supplement technical as well as customer support. Download of small programs is another pattern of getting pertinent information and other specifications related to particular service or product. This is the main motive of turning all business in to e-business virtually today.

Impact of e-commerce on global market:

Electronic commerce plays a vital role in global development approaches to beat the new growth opportunities. E-commerce provides an excellent base for growth and new opportunity of business world wide and business across different nations become smooth with the use of e-commerce.

Authentic and scientific analysis can be done for various aspects of business effectively and this is the basis for a huge impact of e-commerce globally in a short period of time.

Management of Electronic Commerce:

Electronic Commerce comprises of buying, selling, distributing and marketing of goods or services by electronic systems such as internet and other computer networks. The information technology (IT) companies might see this is an electronic application in business aimed for commercial transactions.

In order to put above mentioned functions into the practice (like Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Automated Inventory Management (AIM) systems) needed by running electronic commerce and to ideally deal with the data involves in caring out electronic commerce, an Enterprise Information System (EIS) is require for management of electronic commerce and offers an overall control structure to restructure and manage all the transaction data within the enterprise or across all other enterprises such as customers and suppliers. One can see very good opportunities with electronic commerce in market level and inter-mediation.


Trust is the major limitation for such business as not all people relay on electronic networks for all type of business.  Furthermore, all the countries and regions do not have internet facility and do not have smooth and easy assess to internet especially in developing country.

In addition, food and regulatory procedures are very complicated and protection is high for such matters and electronic commerce does not provide such protection. All the items can not be purchased using electronic commerce like food items in which selection and delivery become difficult electronically. Not all the people are aware perfectly for the use and function of e-business.

As the main concern for electronic commerce is standard, some modifications should be done and new strategies should be applied to overcome this. Electronic commerce is different to e-business to some extent as electronic commerce is only related to buying and selling where as e-business is a large action.

Electronic commerce provides many advantages and an effective way of e-business. Further modification and large applicability will resolve such problems.