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Different Platform And Business Models Of E-Commerce

Different Platform And Business Models Of E-Commerce

Storefront Model:

Strategic Insights

It is the mainly essential and mainly straightforward kind of E-business Model. Purchasers and vendors interrelate directly. This is fairly accepted in B2C dealings. Merchants systematize online index of products, get orders throughout their websites, admit payments in a safe environment and propel items to the patrons. They can also stock up and direct client information in databases. A storefront sculpts uses the shopping lug technology which lets clients to accumulate things that they want to purchase during shopping. For example Books, playthings, gifts and plants etc…

Auction Model:

In this model there are sale websites to which the consumers can log-on and suppose the position of a bidder or vendor. As a vendor, one has to state the smallest amount cost to put up for sale one’s item (called reserve cost the explanation of the thing and the limit to shut the auction. At the ending of the sale, the seller and the bidder are informed by the auction website and the imbursement mechanism and release form is worked out. Auction websites accuse charge on sales.

Online Banking:

There is an online depository provided that banking services to the clients through internet plus services of electronic finances shifting. For instance online Account information etc.

Online Trading and Lending:

Online trading is business and advertising of stocks/shares of scheduled companies by means of internet. Lots of brokerage houses have recognized an online existence. Online loaning is providing lend through an internet deal.

Online Recruiting:

Companies can employ and job searchers can look for for jobs efficiently through online employing web sites.

Online News Services:

Numerous newspapers/periodicals have online existence, provided that 24-hour latest information. Online issuing is good-looking because producing and distribution expenses are not concerned in it.

Online Travel Services:

One can create journey preparations online lacking of going to journey agent. It is suitable and fewer costly. There are online commences which assist clientele find discount charges for airline tickets, lodge rooms and leasing cars or help in case of misplaced baggage.

Online Entertainment:

Internet technology can rapidly give information with elevated quality multimedia. So, such e-businesses have appeared which put up for sale composition albums, film tickets, videotape films etc. The substance can be simply downloaded by the client in this case. You can download movies, betting and Games.

Online Automotive Sites and Energy Online:

Definite web sites permit users to look for and purchase novel and used cars and their extra parts. Also, there are websites where purchasers and vendors can purchase, trade and deal out energy (oil, electricity etc.) on the web.

Selling Intellectual Property Online:

Some e-businesses contract in the auction of academic property rights of companies like patents, deal marks, and deal names etc. copyright

Online Art Dealers:

Artwork can be purchased from the websites at a reduction, e.g. pictures, paintings, placards etc.

E- Learning:

Universities and different training organizations are contribution high-quality coldness teaching above the World Wide Web. E-books and additional reading stuff can be simply downloaded to one’s computer. Virtual University is an instance of this kind of commerce model. Such as E-books and investigate papers.

Online Service Providers:

These e-businesses assist get better policies, events, client service and common processes of other commerce’s. They can offer consultancy/expert services, for instance, web site expansion services, online lawful consultancy services etc such as Doctors, assessors, accountants etc.